Nature Photography
Born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas, I spent much of my youth outdoors and developed an interest in animals and the natural world at a very young age. Being raised by a talented photographer (my mother Rita), I learned the fundamental concepts of photography long before I ever owned a camera. When I did get my own camera as a young adult, I advanced quickly and was instinctively drawn to nature photography. Tim Ernst's exceptional photos of the Ozarks region provided much inspiration and helped to shape my photographic vision.

Underwater Photography
Acquiring an aquarium as a young adult led me to wonder what kinds of small fishes might be living in the local Ozark streams. I knew from growing up playing in and around the creeks that there were some interesting things going on in the water, but I had no idea just how fascinating freshwater life was until I started poking around in a local creek with a dip net. I quickly became captivated by the diversity of forms, colors, and behaviors of small nongame fish that most people have no idea even exist. It ignited a new passion for me. I bought books on native fishes and switched my college studies from engineering to biology. Before long I started to combine my photography skills with my newfound interest in freshwater fishes. My aim with my underwater photography is to bring much-needed attention to these interesting and often imperiled ecosystems that are largely unknown to the general public. For publishers looking for native fish images, feel free to search my portfolio.

Infrared Conversions
I have been converting digital cameras professionally for more than 6 years, over which time I have converted over a thousand cameras of just about every brand and type. I have developed specialized knowledge and experience which allows me to employ the best conversion techniques, and my customers can rest assured that they are receiving a conversion of the very highest quality. I strive for excellence in communication and customer service, and I am willing to work with my customers to fulfill their unique needs. If you want something that is not listed on my website, just send me an email, and I will let you know what I can do.


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